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Rated 5 out of 5 by so far so good. i have a 16 year old cat. he has been on hard food for at least 10 of those years...the last 6 has been on high quality canned. recently in a routine vet visit, lab work was drawn for a dental. it was discovered that his kidney numbers were on the high side. i spent hours researching this supplement and checked with the vet, who honestly had no experience with it. being a supplement, we both agreed that there was nothing to loose in trying it. my kitty has been on it for 5 days so far. my vet gave me a pill pencil to help administer it to him....not one single problem with getting him to take it with the pen. they are capsules, but pretty small ones. now we are not going to be doing more lab work for a few months, but the most immediate change i have noticed so far, is the smell of his urine. it no longer has that ammonia smell......the smell is not a concentrated odor, its hard to describe, but it remarkably different, and more pleasant. his energy level and desire to eat is amazing for him! i have a much more interactive cat again! i will post an update when we redo the blood work in a few months, but already the changes on the outside are in a much positive direction !! 10/05/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Keeping my baby alive 3 years I began using this product over 3 yrs ago under the advice of my vet. Sooty was 14 1/2 then and is now approaching 18. Also very hyperthyroid and using methimazole 2x a day. Sooty is tiny-6 1/2 lbs-but very skittish. She stopped falling for the pill in a treat trick early on. Now I pry her mouth open, put the pill in as far as I can, shut her mouth and hold it closed so she can't work it out, and massage her throat. She probably hates me but at least I know I'm keeping her alive. Once in a while my husband has to give her a pill, or my daughters when we're both away, and I just tell them to put in on her food or break it open....it doesn't seem to have much on an effect even if it isn't the way they tell you to give it. I look forward to spending many more happy years with the old girl...she's still kittenish although she's started napping more than usual the last year. She just eats regular Friskies wet food and drinks plenty of water but no subcu. Azodyl has worked for me and is much cheaper even with overnight shipping at pet meds than through the vet...I get 3 mos at a time. 08/19/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Helped My Senior Dog When my Wheaten Terrier was 14, we were told that she was in the early/mid stage of kidney disease because her kidney blood values were elevated. I was told by my vet to modify her diet but that there was not much we could do as there is no cure for kidney disease. I did my own research, found Azodyl and began giving it to her right away, along with the diet modification. Her last 2 blood test results showed normal blood kidney values. My vet had no words. I can only attribute this to the Azodyl that she has been on for the past 2 years. She will be 16 in September -- doing as well as can be expected for an almost 16 year old girl! 08/18/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good Product & Great Customer Service! Okay, so I'm using this product for my 15 yr old cat who has renal failure, so far, it's been 1 month and he does seem better. Better as in, more lively, has more balance when he walks, doesn't "leak" outside of the litter box, isn't constipated anymore and seems more content. I wish his appetite was better and he drank less water but he has kidney disease. Bottom line? I think this product and the expense is worth it for now. But, let me say this, petmeds ROCKS - this product needs to be shipped over night and I ordered it on 8/8 and it arrived on 8/9 still cool (thanks to the ice packs) AND it was cheaper here than on Amazon (which - thru another merchant took 3 days to get to me!). This is not the first time I have been super impressed by pedmeds - I've spoken to them on the phone and they always have such good customer service. Anyway, I know I may sound a little over the top but I love my cat so much (I have 3 actually) and this company seems to not only provide good customer service but care ;-) 08/12/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product - hint for getting it down! I noticed a lot of comments regarding people having a difficult time getting cats to swallow the pill. I have found that if I put the pill as far back as possible and then blow in his face it causes a natural reaction and he swallows the pill. 07/30/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by The miracle med! Our 9 month old Pom had excessive and constant urination. After excessive tests the specialist determined his kidneys were either damaged by a nasty bacteria (before we got him at 2 months old) or a genetic defect. After taking Azodyl for 1.5 weeks, it was like a miracle. He STOPPED urinating in the house! He still wants to go out more frequently then a 'normal' dog, but I'll take that over cleaning up urine anytime. 03/30/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent It has been almost a year since my Pug was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. She turned 14 this year! She is showing her age but that's to be expected. With Azodyl, Epakitin & kd dog food she is holding her own. Her vet told me that he didn't think she would last for more than a couple of months but she indeed has and is much better then she was a year ago. I would HIGHLY recommend this product! 01/25/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great supplement My female siamese, Maddie, is 18 years old and her kidney levels were in the high normal range and continuing to rise every time the levels were checked; vet suggested trying this in order to stave off the inevitable decline in kidney function and use of sub-q fluids. I am happy to say that after 2 month's use twice daily, her kidney levels are back in the normal range - no sub-q fluids needed yet. The capsules are large though and a cat can be hard to "pill" so be forewarned. The capsule is way too large to try to hide in food. 12/14/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Works VERY Well For those reviewers / owners who are having a difficult time getting this highly rated and extremely effective pill into their cats, I suggest you invest in Greenies Pill Pockets. I have a VERY finicky cat and had a difficult time even with a small pill but the Pill Pockets have saved the day. My cat seems to anxiously await her meds! She even chews the pill sometimes just so she won't miss out on any of the Greenie. Don't let the size of this pill deter you from giving it to you pet. IT WORKS! 09/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Product When my little girl was diagnosed with kidney failure rather than what seemed to be a urinary tract infection I was devastated. I have been through this many times before with cats and they never did very well. Luckily it was caught early and the vet recommended Azodyl twice a day. I had never heard of it but was wiling to try anything to help her. Within a week of starting the Azodyl she showed an amazing difference. She was much more active and happy and like a puppy again. The vet had me try it for a month before rechecking her blood work and her numbers are now back to normal!!! I am so pleased with this product. It has given her a new lease on life. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It has changed her life and mine. Thank you for this product!!!! : ) 09/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Azodyl for CRF cat Azodyl has given my 15 yo cat Chris a new lease on life. It is a big capsule for such a small beast. But with the help of a piller it is getting inside him. I still give Chris SubQ fluids 1-2x/week. We're grateful for the azodyl! 08/31/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Pill is WAY TOO BIG FOR A CAT I wanted this to work on my cat. I guess I believed the reviews too much. The pill is WAY TOO BIG. How in the heck can anybody shove the thing down their throats. I tried time and time again. This product needs to be in a smaller pill. Its a complete waste of money if you can't cram a human size pill down a cats throat. If you can't open it and sprinkle it into food or put it into a syringe and if you can't shove it down their throat then how in the heck does the maker of this product expect for them to take it. They told me you can't open it and sprinkle it into food or use in a syringe. It might be the best product in the world but if you can't get the product to them then its a waste of money and I wouldn't recommend it. 08/16/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Azodyl It was my girlfriend, an experienced RN, that found this medication for our 12+ yr. old female Himalayan. Smidgeon recovered after a death sentence from the Vet. I feed it to her almost daily, and she's doing great. 05/30/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Liifesaver... Seriously. In October 2010, my 11-ish-year-old Bella hid under the bed for almost a solid week. When we were finally able to get her to come out, she could barely walk a straight line and even collapsed to the floor once or twice before I scooped her up a took her to our vet. She was diagnosed with acute kidney failure and spent 5 days in the hospital. The doctor started her on Azodyl twice a day, Epakitin once a day, and subcutaneous fluids every other day. We were able to stop the fluids after 3 months. (Actually, we HAD to stop the fluids: she had recovered so well that her fight was back in full force.) Nine months later, her labs were within normal limits. We almost lost her, but now we look forward to another few years with our girl. 04/22/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent My 13 yr old pug Jasmine was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. She started vomiting and losing weight. My vet recommended Azodyl and Epakitin. He also put fluids under the skin and recommended k/d dogfood. She looks better than she has in months! We honestly didn't know if she could rebound but for now she is doing well. I also put pedialyte on her dogfood which has helped keep her hydrated. Azodyl is a GREAT product! Thank you so much for giving me more quality time with my girl! I will HIGHLY recommend this product! 02/13/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by good stuff I am responsable for 8 cats in house all the time. My vet introduced me to this suppliment. Blacknose had been vometing a white foam. I started him on this med and so far so good. I like products like this because they don't have a bunch of chemicals listed a mile long. My thinking is the simpler the better. 01/15/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Effects of Azodyl Sheba my cat was diagnosed at age 13 with renal failure. I noticed she had been slowly loosing wt. then started vomiting on a regular basis. She was diagnosed on 4/8/09 and started on Azodyl at that time. It was touch and go for about 3 months. but she slowly improved. At this present time she has been on azodyl for 1.5 yrs. and is now eating up a storm and is bright and active. She is now 15.5 yrs. old. She is very difficult to give pills to so I to have to open the capsule and place it in her moist renal diet cat food. This method of administration was prescribed by my vet. This is an awesome drug and has allowed me to spend more time with my beloved pet and has given her quality of life back. 10/17/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by I am amazed 17 year old Razz-a-ma-Taz suffers with hyperthroidism, high blood pressure, partial blindness from a stroke, cancer and kidney failure. He has been on Adozyl for one month and I am amazed at the turn around. Even after one week I knew something good was going on because the dandruff that accompanies hyperthroidism disappeared. He has gained weight and enjoys his daily walk with me. I know Adozyl is not a cure but I am so grateful that my vet recommended this for Taz. It's making his life so much better. 10/03/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Seems to Help My 17 year old tuxcedo cat Razz-a-ma-Taz has been on Azodyl for a week and a half and I saw a positive change in him almost immediately. Now I'm looking forward to his next blood test to find out if his Bun and Creatine have improved. 09/11/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent product My 14 yr old female cat was diagnosed with kidney disease 5 mths ago. I started giving her Azodyl and fluids sq (150ml) every other day. She also is given 4 varieties of renal diet food (as they get bored very easily). She has had blood work twice and both times her bun and creatinine were very close to normal values. I love this product but cannot stress enough how important it is to administer the fluids and adhere to the special diet food (canned because of the moisture). Doing all 3 is the key to keeping your pet alive. For those of you having a difficult time getting your cat to take the capsule, I recommend dipping it in tuna water and giving it -my cat loves tuna water so much she doesn't even realize she is eating a capsule and usually swallows it whole! Good luck to all of you experiencing this devastating disease with your pet. It breaks my heart... 09/02/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Improvement for an old cat! I have a 24 year old Manx mix that started to have higher renal counts for the last three or four months. His Vet recommended trying Azodyl and he's been on it now for just a bit more than two months. Amazingly, his last blood test showed an improvement since starting Azodyl. I realize that he's very old but anything that I can do to increase the quality of his life is a plus for both of us! Hide the pill in a couple of pill pockets and he gobbles them down! 07/17/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Maintaining my cat's health My vet diagnosed my cat with kidney failure about a year ago. He told me that there was no cure, and that she would eventually die from the disease as most cats do (kidney failure is the leading cause of cat death). I asked him if there was anything we could do for her, and he told me that he wanted to put her on Azodyl. He said that she would need to be on it for the rest of her life, but it should stall the long-term effects of kidney failure. I began giving my cat the pill - which is HUGE - in a Pill Pocket three times a day (because she weighs over 10 lbs.). After a while, she refused to take the Pill Pocket because she used to gag, so I had to open up the pill and pour it into a tablespoon of food. I know that this is not recommended, but either she took it this way or she didn't take it at all. To my surprise, the Azodyl did wonders for her and her kidneys! The blood tests have showed that - in a year - her kidney disease has stabilized. It's even improved in a few areas. She's down to two pills a day because the third was giving her an upset stomach, but it's still working wonders. It's expensive - $42.50 a month for me - but it's worth it. Also, I've noticed that my vet can't seem to keep it in stock these days. I have to call ahead to make sure they have a bottle ready. Kidney failure is a slow killer, however, Azodyl has seemed to bring this disease to a screeching halt. She will not be cured of this, and perhaps one day the pills will not have the same effect because the disease has advanced, but so far it's given me another full year with my 18 year old cat. Hopefully I'll continue to have my healthy girl for a very long time. I highly recommend this product. 07/15/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by NOthing short of amazing I have been trying to get my CRF cat's BUN levels down unsuccessfully for months. She gets fish oil, CoQ10 and vitamin E (in a small cat dose). She is on a low sodium and low phosphorus diet and receives a potassium and b supplement (also cat sized) she only showed marginal improvement until I started her on Azodyl. She literally runs around like a young, healthy cat again and her most recent blood tests showed her BUN within normal range (still high normal, but not skyrocket high abnormal like it was).. She is not vomiting and her appetite is excellent. Obviously she still has CRF but my goal was to help her feel better. She is a small 6 lb cat so I mix 1 capsule morning and evening with 1 tsp of chilled Gerber Chicken baby food (no salt, just chicken and chicken broth) and feed it immediately on an empty stomach. She licks the spoon clean. :-) She is too tiny to administer the large pill too (it was gagging her even when coated with butter) so this was my only option. I have read the study that shows this does not work when opened and mixed with food, but I believe it is working for my cat. It may be because the baby food is a small amount and is relatively fatty and is served immediately, while cold. 07/05/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by NOT EXACTLY I had read such great things about Azodly especially combined with some other products marketed at this site. Well we got off to a good start three weeks ago. Today 5/19/11 I put down my beloved Seal Point, Madame Fifi (13 years old). She had begun to enter renal failure and I start using these products when here BUN was 95. I guess I was expecting the great results/miracle that everyone here writes about. WELL NOT EXACTLY. At first she reacted well and started eating again, Baby food (gerbers srained Chicken or Turkey). Powders were easy enough to mix in. She was also getting electolyte infusions every day or 3ever other day. She started getting out of bed again and trotting up the stairs again to my work space. I was like, 'wow this stuff really does work'. Two night ago, she let me know that she wanted to stop living life on this plain of existance. First she stopped eating so I had to feed her via a baby syringe (I had been syringing for over a week as she would only eat a bite or two of her food) Last night she did not even want that. She stopped coming up stairs two days ago and laying by me or in the sunlight next to the sliders. She just started laying in bed again after only 2 1/12 weeks on these meds. Two night ago, she only half heartedly ate two of her evening Purina Whiska treats. She normally sucked these things down. I new the ened was near. Last night she would not touch them and stopped purring, while I was still pumping this mediciation into her via the food in the baby syringe. No purring, not eating, no treats, no trotting up the stairs...NOT GOOD. This morning I tried again. She looked at the treats and just turned her head, with no interest. No purring even aftering petting her around the neck for 10 minues,,,her favorie area. It was time and she was letting me know. So THIS STUFF IS NOT THE MIRICALE CURE EVERONE WRITES ABOUT. What it did allow me to do was to see her as she used to be one last time for 2 1/2 weeks; a very happy petite Himi. For that I am greatful as it did prolong her life with no pain or suffering for two weeks and I got to remember what she used to be like, which will be a wonderful memory to cherish forever. Did this stuff work for me as a long range solution....NO NOT EXACTLY. Today I had to put her down. She had lost another full pound in 3 weeks. Would I recommend it,.,,,,NO ONLY IF YOU ARE THE KIND OF PERSON THAT CANNOT LET GO OF YOUR ANIMAL WHEN IT IS TIME...AND THAT IS PURELY SELFISH. Today at 3.5 lbs, i had to let this percious little darling go. Am I happy I got to see her as she used to be...of course....and that her suffering was minimal, yes also very important. but his stuff is not the miracle cure and i would NEVER RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. IT IS JUST FALSE HOPE....Vodoo...hocus pocus 05/19/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Saved her life My 18 year old cat, best friend, lost a lot of weight and lab tests showed a creatinine of just over 10. Some of the other vets in the office talked to me about putting her down, things looked so bad, but my vet put her on Azodyl and sub Q fluids and 1 year later she has gained weight, eats very well and has regained so much energy that it's like she is 10 years younger! (And all those prayers helped, too). 04/29/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by It Works on our Am Eskimo! BUN dropped from 74-48.Cr from 2.1-1.6. + k/d diet 02/19/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Life Saver My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease when she was 12. Based on the experience of family members who have had pets with kidney disease, I expected my cat to not survive for very long. My cat is now 16.5 yrs and hanging in there. I credit Azodyl with the miracle of her still being alive! 10/27/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Super Supplement My cat is 18 yrs. old and very thin. I took him to my vet for an evaluation. He was diagnosed with renal failure. I went straight home and started researching on the internet. The supplement "Azodyl" kept coming up so I called my vet and asked his for his input because he had not suggested it. He had heard of it but not prescribed it, I printed all the information I had and took to him. We talked about it and he gave me a prescription for it and asked me to bring Rusty back for blood work in two weeks to see how he was doing on the Azodyl. My vet and I were astounded with the results, they were almost normal. I also found a supplement to use with the Azodyl that absorbs the excess phosphorus called Epakitin. Rusty has been on them for almost a year, has had no side effects. I have recently had the opportunity to personally recommend Azodyl to people I had just met. I will continue to shout the praises of this "Super Supplement " to everyone I meet. 09/20/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by azodyl I have been using Azodyl for my dog the past three months. Have not yet taken him for a new blood test so I don't yet know effectiveness. My interest in this medication is all the different ways people are administering it. My vet told me to simply sprinkle it on the dog's food each day. I have read that it is best if the capsules are not opened, but most seem to do so. I have read if the capsules are opened it should be sprinkled on only 1 tbsp of food and given on an empty stomach so the med. can be immediately digested, etc. etc... It seems there are numerous opinions about how this is to be administered in order to be effective. My dog won't tolerate it when mixed in only a small amount of food. I have no idea if it is doing him any good when being mixed with his full serving of food as my vet directed. I am going to take him for a blood test to see if there is any change. 09/17/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Azodyl Plays Supporting Role I'm automatically giving Azodyl a top rating because a veterinary kidney specialist (recommended by my vet) saved my beloved 13-year-old cat's life last October) My kitty, who I adopted 5 years ago, suffers from congenital kidney deterioration (diagnosed by the specialist with an ultra-sound). Talk about being at death's door -- no energy and massive weight loss. However, the specialist prescribed Azodyl IN ADDITION to Epakitin, Pet-Tinic, 6 compounded prescriptions* and a daily, 100-ml Lacactated Ringer's IV. The kidney specialist described both Azodyl and Epakitin as break-through products. All of the above saved my cat Blazer's life. He's gained substantial weight, his energy and, most important, his quality of life -- just as the specialist unequivocably promised last October. I must say I'm surprised conventional vets don't know about these treatments for cats and dogs with kidney deterioration and related problems. * BTW: the 6 flavored, compound prescriptions (again, not cheap or readily available everywhere; thank goodness, I live in suburban Chicago) consist of: -- ferrous gluconate -- potassium gluconate -- Famotidine -- POT-SOD -- Benazepril -- low-dose (0.03) aspirin twice a week (to reduce inflammation). My cat's specialist instructed me to break open the Azodyl, Epakitin, Famotidine and aspirin capsules and mix them with baby food (Gerber's Stage 2 turkey or chicken or in Haagan-Daz vanilla ice cream) in my case. I've improved his method by first adding water and microwaving the baby food to turn it in to broth OR making a milkshake out of the ice cream by adding warm water and letting it defrost. I then use an infant oral syringe (available at most supermarkets' pharmacy racks) to administer the mixtures. The syringe provides a quick, clean and sure-fire method, and ensures my kitty gets every drop of the meds and nutrients. Again, Azodyl serves as a back-up role in helping your cat or dog. And I'm still amazed at a specialist's knowledge and treatment compared to a traditional vet's. I've also been buying Epakitin (always cheaper) and sometimes Azodyl (if discount available) at PetMeds.com vs. at the specialist's clinic to save money (naturally, I can't buy compound prescriptions here anymore than I could at Walgreens). I hope this review helps all of you trying to save your beloved pets! 07/06/2010
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